Friday, June 02, 2006

Cabbage Carrot and Coconut curry
(Cabbage carrot kobbari koora)

I love cabbage with coconut. Today, I added shredded carrots to make it colorful. It added to the taste too.

Here are the ingredients.. Shredded cabbage , Shredded carrots, coconut, green chilies and ginger, curry leaves, oil to season, mustard seeds, urad and channa dal, red chillies and salt to taste

This curry is so simple to make, yet so tasty. Heat some oil in a pan, season it with mustard seeds, urad and channa dals and red chillies.

When they turn brown add crushed green chillies and ginger and the curry leaves. Add the shredded carrots and cabbage and stir. Add the salt and let the curry cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the shredded cocoonut and stir and remove from fire.

The crispy cabbage blended with crunchy carrots and coconut, added to the zesty ginger and chillies is just delicious. It tastes wonderful with rice or roti.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Avocado Pachadi


Avocado- 3
Green chillies- 3
Tomatoes- 1 large or 2 small
Salt to taste
Tamarind - a littleOil
1 tbspUrad dal
2 tspsCumin seeds
1 tspHing
Red chilles- 2


Heat the oil. Fry Urad dal, cumin seeds, hing and red chiilies. Remove from oil. Add chopped Avocados, green chillies and tomatoes to the same oil. Saute till tomatoes become soft.Add the tamarind and salt.Grind all ingredients coarsely. This pachadi tastes good with rice and is very nutritious.

Vankaya Chikkudukaya Koora(Brinjal curry with Flat beans)


Brinjals - 5 (You can use any variety of brinjal/eggplant available. But the long chinese variety or the round indian variety hold their shape. Curry made with the large round italian eggplants also tastes good though the eggplant might become mushy)
Chikkudu kayalu - 1/2 pound (you can use fresh or frozen)
Green chillies - 4
Ginger - a small piece
Curry leaves
salt to taste
Oil- 1 to 2 tbsps
urad dal
Channa dal
mustard seeds
Red chillies
Rice flour- a tsp

Chop brinjal into small cubes. put them in water immediately to avoid discoloration.
Chop the chikkudukayaluGrind green chillies and ginger Heat oil.
Add mustard seeds, channa dal, urad dal and the red chillies.
When they are fried- add the chilly ginger paste and curry leaves.
Add the chikkudu pieces- sprinkle some water and add salt.
cook covered.
Add the brinjal pieces to the above and when they are almost cooked add the cooked chikkudu kayalu.
Stir well.
add the rice flour at the end to help bind the koora together.
Alternately- pressure cook chikkudu kayalu and drain the water.
add the brinjal to the oil and when that is almost cooked add the cooked chikkudu kayalu.